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This new album “Meditation for a New Consciousness” is a guide and a tool to experience a palette of inspiring inner states.
It is for all those curious about meditation and its benefits. Because if the interest of our society for meditation is growing, few have the
instructions for this often silent and arid practice. Stephen Sicard's music takes us on an inner journey, a marked out itinerary whose destination we know: a state of joy, peace and celebration.
Meditation promotes the activation of the brain lobes and the arousal process. When the consciousness lights up, the cosmic feeling appears and
the brain expands, like the CD visual.
Stephen Sicard's instrumentation leads into pure, crystalline, subtle spaces, like a continuous and loving song where the soul unfolds.
All these spaces are in themselves, this new album is just the interface and the access route to connect and explore them.

Digipack - 12 tracks - 73 min.



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