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How to stay stable and at peace in a dual world that is constantly changing  ? Nature, cycle, time, harmony… La Voie du Sage is a meditative concept album that invites an inner encounter through a journey on themes from the Tao Te King.

Traditional oriental instrumentation (shakuachi and bawu flutes, Chinese harp, Gu Zheng, gong, Er hu violin and many others ..., associated with typical Logos orchestrations,  composes a pure and delicate soundscape. Its crystalline slowness and contemplative linearity are conducive to inner states of lightness and peace. This musical experience also awakens the fluidity, energy and natural rhythm of the body.

The Tao is the way of the sage in agreement with himself, the world, life. Outside of duality, it is the response of freedom to impermanence and illusion. A message and an album for now.  13 tracks CD - Digipack format - 73 minutes. 

La Voie du Sage : Tao II


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