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Awakening of the Goddess  unveils a new facet of the previous album Le Féminin sacré.

What is this mysterious link between the primordial Mothers and the new Women of this millennium?  ? The Goddess is the golden thread at work in every imagination, every dream of woman and man of this humanity.
Universal archetype, Myth, Cosmic Mother, Muse, Fairy, Gaia… the Goddess carries the flame of the multiple facets of love and creation. Solar and lunar, it is splendor and magnificence, a bridge of grace, beauty and power between the human and the divine.

The Goddess is the dream stage of the human, because we are all children of the Goddess. Today, it awakens in everyone, its call resonates in us because we have to manifest it.
Sovereign, she invites us to the celebration of Life and Love.

Softness and intensity, ecstasy, peace, fantasy, lightness, dance and radiance ... This sensitive walk of voices from the world and song of interiority testifies that the goddess is in power in every woman.
An ample, powerful and enveloping album.
  14 tracks - 74 mn

L'Eveil de la Déesse


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